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About the tours

Are all of the tours the same?

We offer 3 different organized tours – You can either have one of our 2 h tours: Old town tour or Jewish qtr tour - or take the Combo tour combining the 2 tours. It covers three parts of Krakow – the Old town, the Jewish quarter and the World War II nd ghetto area.

Do I have to book in advance?

While it is not absolutely necessary , we ask that you do so as our groups are limited in size. But if you can’t book ahead because you are not sure what day you can join us or for whatever reason, you are very welcome to simply pop in to our office as we always try to cater for everyone interested. Be advised though - especially in summer – most tours are full and space for 'last minute walk in' is greatly limited

Can I cancel my booking anytime?

We treat our guests respectfully and require the same professional attitude on the other end. Our policy is to offer 100% of refund for all cancelations reported 3 days ( 72h ) prior to your group's departure. No refunds for any reason if you will let us know later than that.

Do we ride in traffic?

A little. Most of the tour is in pedestrian zones, parks, along the river or on quiet backstreets but in a couple of places, we do have to ride through traffic to get to where we want to go. Before doing so, we talk about where we are going and what we have to do along the way to be as safe as possible. Riding in traffic like this constitutes about 10% of the tour.

Can i rent the Segway for a couple of hours?

Yes. But you will not go fully on your own. One of our staff members will assist you to avoid heavy traffic and difficult streets.

Sprehen się Deutsch? Parlez Vous Francais? Parla Italiano? - tours in other languages

Our daily tour is in English but we will be happy to offer a private tour in your mother tongue. Our Fun guides are waiting – just drop us a line.

What happens if it rains ? Do you cancel the tours in bad weather?

We provide ponchos for our participants free of charge. As long as you are not made of sugar – you will be absolutely ok!

How big will be my group?

We strive to provide a special experience for our guests making it a real private tour for small groups. Therefore maximum number of pax in one group is 10 pax plus your guide.

Do we have some lunch during the tour?

Half way through the tour we will stop for approximately 30 min brake. It is a perfect time for coffee and a light bite,but not enough time for a proper feast. Therefore if you are looking for delicacies of Polish quisine on a larger scale - we suggest you follow our guides recommendations after the tour to discover Krakow's restaurant picks.

Can i take my children on the tour with me?

Segways are safe to ride for anyone aged 12 – 112. Most kids are actually smarter than their parents with toys and learn gliding faster. Anyhow we require that all children must be accompanied by an adult. Each tour starts with proper safety instructions by professional staff and we do not set off until everybody feels comfortably safe after their training session.

I am quite a big person – can i ride?

Segways are very manouvreable but require you to be under 260 lbs

Is there a good way to scrub the smile off my face after your tour?

In summer we recommend eating a lemon, while in winter it is usually eneugh to stay outdoors for a longer while ;)


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